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20.12.10 17:41 Volgograd State Medical University celebrates its 75-th anniversary

Volgograd State Medical University has celebrated its 75-thbirthday. A lot of guests from different countries and cities visited the university at that very time.

During the celebration week there were made a lot of speech about our University, the periods of its development and main achievements. It was marked that Volgograd State Medical University was a native house for many professionals and everybody of us is obliged to it for career

75 years have passed since the moment when on August 17, 1935 by the decision of the People`s Commissars Council, Stalingrad Medical Institute was established. On October 19, 1961 it was renamed Volgograd State Medical Institute. In 1993 the Institute was raised to Academy rank, and 2003 it got the status of Volgograd State Medical University.

Nowadays the University ranks very high among the medical schools of the Russian Federation.

Volgograd State Medical University is one of the most famous and highly reputable Higher Schools both in Russia and abroad. The number of the scientific achievements is constantly increasing (patents for discoveries and invention, scientific papers, introduction of scientific achievements into health care practical system).

More than 1000 research elaborations made by the University staff have found an application in clinical practice.

The University has been training international students since 1962. About 4000 specialists from more than 100 countries of the world got the higher medical education at our University. Some of them had come to the celebration of the anniversary. They participated in scientific sessions with topics on pharmacy, dentistry, medical care and medical biochemistry. At the Scientific Council Grand Meeting they thanked our University for highly-qualified, professional and scientific knowledge, they had gained in it and for warm attitude and care they had been surrounded with during their years of study.

Our foreign graduates marked that the teaching staff of our University had taught them to be kind attentive, careful, devoted to such a noble profession as a profession of a doctor and they felt deep gratitude to our country, its wonderful people, culture and language for everything they had been taught.


Volgograd State Medical University, 1, Pavshikh Bortsov Sq., Volgograd,
400131, Russian Federation;
Tel/Fax ++7-8442-38-30-28
(Vice-Chancellor for international affairs, Prof.A.A.Spasov)