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8.12.12 03:36 Malaysian Night 2012

The Malaysian Night event was held on the 30th of November 2012 (Friday) at the Assembly hall of the main campus.

Every student of VSMU was welcomed to our 1st ever Malaysian Night, themed Spreading The Love of Unity and was organized by Malaysian students, headed by Eccleston Kendrick & Muhammad Suffian Sukor, and our respectful advisor Syed Aidid.

Attendance was 226 people. We were so pleased that our special guest Encik Suhaimi Zainuddin (MARA officer) traveled all the way from Moscow, to join us! Event started as soon as Encik Suhaimi Zainuddin arrived at 5pm.

This events main aim was to raise funds for the 10th Intervasity games STIG X and promote unity among all Malaysians. The event featured traditional and modern dances, and some amazing performances by different cultures and ethnicities.

The event kicked off, with a Live Band performance, led by Sean Lim and his team. Then our beloved emcees came: Daryl, Syamimi Azari & Vinodh Krsna. Next was Dikir Barat a special Malays Traditional performance by Mohd Zulkhairi and his team.

Superb Indian modern dances had impressed the crowd with their awesome dancing skills. Right after the dance, our Malay Martial Art Masters, Yusry & Adam, showed us Silat, with amazing skills that left us, breathless. An interesting sets of movement accompanied by Maksims Exodus music, made us all captivated by their repertoire.

Shortly after that, our emcess surprised us with an awesome Lucky Draw, which gave away prizes such as a coffee maker, and a mini iron board.

Annette and Nasir Mansor stunned us with their wonderful duet: Zorro theme Song by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena Spend my lifetime loving you. Next was Zapin, another Malays traditional dance, led by Nazurah Ciey and her team.

Then we all were entertained by unique singing and dance by the Borneo Vibes. By the way all group members are from the other side of Malaysia, Borneo. They impressed the crowd by performing the song Anak (a cover of Freddie Anguilar) and Anak Kampung with a mini sketch led by Eccleston Kendrick and Ascend Star.

Without crazy laughers and humors, lifes a dull journey to walk upon. That night Suffian Sukor and his crew, made sure that the crowd would leave the hall smiling, and gasping for air due to endless laughers. Sumpahan Musalmah surely sumpahed everyone to keep laughing for at least 20 minutes.

Last but not least all performers made a tribute to the beloved audiences, by singing the Here in My Home song which was made popular by local Malaysian artists such as Awie, Jaclyn Victor and Afdlin Shauki. Everyone felt the patriotic wave, as the lyrics of the song speaks a lot on keeping the spirit of unity, and burning love for our country.

At around 7pm, the event ended with photography sessions and sure enough, everyone had a good time.

Ker Jin Hoong, 4th year student of General Medicine Faculty,
Secretary of the Malaysian Student Association 2012/2013

Eccleston Kendrick, 4th year student of General Medicine Faculty,
Project Manager of the Malaysian Night 2012

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