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8.05.13 10:11 Hard work and perseverance leads to success (Sharing the experience and impression of preparing for STIG-X 2013)

12th of April was the day everyone had been waiting for, it was finally the official opening day of STIG-X intervarsity games 2013 hosted by our University (Volgograd State Medical University). Months of hard work and perseverance had been put into it in order to make it a success.

Day 1- 12/4/2013

It was the grand opening ceremony of STIGX 2013. The stadium had been decorated the day before the event by volunteers. Those who are on duties arrived on the ground at 8:30 am sharp for preparation of the event. I was there along with the other 5 girls who are in charge of leading the contingents around the stadium. I was representing Volgograd and it was an honor to be selected. At 9:30am, the VIPs arrived and were escorted to their respective seats. Follow by the marching in of the contingents. Heartwarming and motivating speeches were given by our Rector Vladimir I. Petrov, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the head of Malaysias sports bureau. The cutting of the ribbon was carried out to launch the official opening of the game, themed the Phoenix. The Phoenix symbolizes our return from the ashes as we had lost during the last game and we verge to be reborn from the ashes to be crowned as champions during this game. After that, the participants were escorted out of the arena to be seated with the rest of the audience so that they can enjoy the performances.

Day 2- 13/4/2013

That day, many of the sports have reached the semi-final events and the next day would be the finals for every sports. Day 2 was the big day that I have been waiting and preparing for. It was the Grand Dinner Night. Months of hard work and dedication had been put in order to make it a success. My team and I were there at 12.00 pm for the rehearsal and we were already on standby at the theater at 5.00 pm. The event started at 8.00 pm. Our 1st performance was the traditional Chinese Warrior Fan Dance (MYSTIQUE), all of my dancers were nervous and so was I but as the leader and choreographer, I had to stay calm and make sure that all was in place and was ready to go. I had to make sure that the project manager was there to play the project that a lot of hard work had been put into creating it and also to make sure the music volume and lighting were correct. When it was our turn, it went smoothly and I was satisfied with the result as many people loved us. I am very grateful to all my fellow dancers: Nicole Thang, Yeap Sheh Yi, Lim Tsu Huey, Amber Liew, Fiona Ng, Esther, Kimberly and Xin Rou for taking time to participate in all the practices and for such a fantastic performance. But, the pressure wasnt over yet as I still had another team yet to perform! I had to make sure that my Modern Dance Crew (CRISIS) had changed into their costumes and I helped them to recall their steps. Finally, it was already our turn, and the moment the spotlight hit us, the crowd was cheering non-stop and that really helped in boosting our confidence. As the music started playing, to my surprised, the crowd started singing along. And at that moment, we felt that all the physical and mental stress was all worth it. All of us had fun on the stage and overall it was great performance. There were of cause many more interesting performances during that night but I didnt really had the chance to watch it as I was busy preparing all of my 2 teams. The whole event was a success and it ended at 10.30 pm. The performances would not have been a success without the cooperation and dedication of everyone, playing their respective roles as a team.

Day 3- 14/4/2013

Day 3 was the day for all sports final event, and just like every other day, I went to support VSMUs team Basketball match which was held at 8.00 am every morning. Even though I was tired but I dragged myself out of bed to support our team. And on that day, it was also our Lotus Dance Performance (MYSTIQUE) for the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony started at 12.30 pm but we were there at 11.00 am to recall our steps. I was very pleased that everyone loved the dance. After the dance, it was the presentation of medals to the winners. Overall, our university won 7 gold medals and we took back the cup. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! During these 3 days, I have made many new friends and learnt many new things.

Chia Lipeng,
4th year student of General Medicine,
Organizer and Choreographer of Mystique dance team

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