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2.10.13 01:21 The olorful belated Raya of 2013

What is the meaning of a country if the country doesn't have a culture to reveal and be proud of its own identity? Even the Russians have their own native traditions and events which are well-known in all parts of the world. As for us, we indeed really know how much pride installed in each and every young to old hearts of the Russians towards their country, but nevertheless, so do us.

In Malaysia, we have our very own unique events which celebrate all the various multi-racial colors, the multi-religion harmony throughout the years. And one of the biggest events in Malaysia is Hari Raya. Yes, they ask, Is it Hari Raya is just for Muslims?, but being not restricted not just to Muslims, our Hari Raya in Malaysia which supposedly to be only 1 day, extended to another 29 days. Why? Because the other 29 days, we celebrate true meaning of being tolerant to each other, we celebrate unity. Therefore, there is no any other exception for us in here too. Once a Malaysian, is always a Malaysian.

22nd of September 2013 marked one of the greatest event organized by Malaysian students, a typical Hari Raya Celebration which has been held ages ago, generation by generation.

This time, there was a little bit of twist on the venue. Surprisingly it has been changed from the Hiroshima hostel hall to an open area in front of the Hiroshima hostel. And due to a lovely early autumn weather the concept was turned into a first-time-open air-event.

The theme for Raya celebration this year was Warna Warni Raya or in English The colorful Raya, and unsurprisingly, the theme was well anticipated by the students as they wore colorful, funky traditional costumes. It really brought back the true definition of Hari Raya in Malaysia: fun, happiness, love, and colorfulness.

The event started at 10:30 a.m., starting with a recitation and then speeches from Malaysian community organization leaders: MSA leader, Syed Aidid Syed Rahman; Kelab Umno Volgograd (KUV) leader, Aziz Haladin. It wouldn't be a complete event without some performances, therefore, students from all batches who have been preparing for various type of performances months ago, performed their spectacular shows. The initial performance, Qasidah was performed, consisting of group of guys singing religious, harmonious Arabic song Li Ha Na Na. Main highlight of the day was the sketch performed by the ex-STIGX drama team, who performed the weirdly sad-but-funny sketch, but nevertheless, packed with lessons to be learned. Some other extraordinary performances especially from the first year YT students really lived up the day too.

There were exciting games, prize-giving ceremony for the graduating final year students (hopefully all) along with the event to cheer and bring up the Raya mood.

Last but not least, the foods. The foods prepared, though simple, but really tasted delicious and nice. A full stomach is a happy stomach therefore a photography session is always a must for such a great event. Clearly, the photos flooded into all kind of social networking, mainly Facebook and Instagram.

At 2:30 p.m. the event finished with a smile in each and everyone face. Till the next Raya!

Muhammad Hafidz Bin Hasan,
5th year student of General Medicine,
MSA Media Director 2012/13

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