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14.01.10 10:00 Medical symposium among Malaysian students
On 4th and 5th January, Malaysian student gathered at Kim 20 for a medical symposium. With the theme “Beyond MD”, the symposium was held to widen the student’s horizon about their future career. We were glad to have our speakers specially from Malaysia, Ass. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ikram Mohamed Salleh, an anesthesiologist, also the vice president of MERCY Malaysia, and Ass. Prof. Dr. Amaluddin Ahmad, a pediatrician. Both of them currently work at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS). They had been to Moscow for few days before and will depart to Nizhny Novgorad to have the same symposium with Malaysian students there. The two days session had been discussing about;[!--MORE--] • The current Malaysian health care system and how to adapt with it. • Career options for medical undergraduates. • Guide on what, when and how to further studies and become a specialist. • Islamic rules and discussion on certain medical issues. Thank you and thumbs up for all participants and the organizing commitee. And not to forget, Rector of VolSMU Academician of Russian Academy of Medicine Dr. Vladimir I. Petrov for the cooperation and assistance in making the symposium an successful event. We are looking forward to have another symposium next year.
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