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2008, May, 11
Visit of Mr. Jiri MASTALKA
Visit of Mr. Jiri MASTALKA
In the first days of September our University hosted Mr. Jiri MASTALKA, the former student of Volgograd Medical Institute nowadays one of the members of the European parliament from the Czech Republic.
The week of his staying included meeting with the Administration of the University, tour around the chairs of the main building and the Morphological building of the VolSMU, tour around the inpatient clinic #7. Mr. Jiri MASTALKA has been working as a cardiologist since the graduating from the Institute and he considers medicine to be his main occupation. The member of the Parliament underlined that the technical equipment of the chairs had changed a lot, but at the same time the old equipment was very good to use for teaching students.
There was held the round table with the staff of the Chair for Philosophy, Bioethics and law, VolSMU on the topic “Human rights in medicine”, that is one of the most important issues discussed in the Europarliament. In the framework of the visit Mr. Jiri MASTALKA met the students of the VolSMU and answered the numerous questions concerned politics and medicine in the Europarliament’s daily work. Some of the questions concerned the situation in the Caucuses and the reaction of the Europarliament to the measures taken by Russia. The member of the Parliament marked that the actions of Russia in the Caucuses were contradictory evaluated, but there were many politicians who supported our country. He supposed in that situation Russia couldn’t act otherwise.
While numerous meetings Mr. Jiri MASTALKA marked the positive tendency in the Russian-Czech relations. More and more people are interested in the Russian culture and the Russian language that evidences about the affiliation in all spheres of activity between our two countries. Mr. Jiri MASTALKA emphasized that he always did his best for strengthening of all possible political, cultural, social and economical relations between Russia and the Czech Republic and would support all initiatives of this kind in future.
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